Business Airliner

Business Airliner can be contracted in Bizliner. Airliners converted into business jets are used by sports teams or VIPs with a large entourage or press corps. Such airplanes can face operational restrictions based on runway length or local noise restrictions. They can be the most expensive type of private jet as they provide the greatest space and capabilities.

About Business Airliner

On 1 January 2016, there were 21,342 business jets in the worldwide fleet, of which 11.1% were for sale. About 70% of the fleet was in North America at the end of 2011. The European market is the next largest, with growing activity in the Middle East, Asia, and Central America.

In 2014 the total airplane billing amounted to just over US$22 billion, and 722 business jets were delivered to customers across the globe : 204 (28.3%) by Bombardier Aerospace, 159 (22%) by Cessna, 150 (20.8%) by Gulfstream Aerospace, 116 (16.1%) by Embraer and 66 (9.1%) by Dassault Falcon. Honeywell predicts 9,450 aircraft to be delivered during 2015-24, and most of these will be large.